Mugulu Nage To Maduve Mane: Vote For Your Favourite Golden Star Ganesh Look

From a suave, clean shave look to a messy-hair-don't-care one, here are 5 films of Ganesh in which he has sported different looks. Your favourite is?

1. Mugulu Nage - Cute guy turned stud look

A Still Of Ashika Ranganath And Golden Star Ganesh In Mugulu Nage
Source: ZEE5

Namma Golden Star Ganesh is one of the few actors who speaks through his talent and killer smile in most of his movies. The humble actor shot to fame with his massive hit in the Kannada film Mungaru Male in 2006. Since then the actor has not only gained a massive fan-following but has also become better and better with each movie he has done till date. Today, we will look at Ganesh’s different looks in 5 movies he has done, including Mungaru Male.

Starting with his two looks in Mugulu Nage, for the first half of the movie, Ganesh can be seen sporting a medium length haircut along with a man, who prefers to stay carefree and youthful. Towards the second half of the movie, the Golden Star’s look will surprise you. He sports a clean suave cut giving him the impression of a business entrepreneur. You can watch the movie above to decide for yourself.

2. Maduve Mane- The boy-next-door look

Surprisingly, Ganesh sported another version of the ‘Mungaru Male’ look in Maduve Mane, but of course, we aren’t complaining. His character is the carefree man, who takes everything lightly. While it may seem like that, his character’s real intent is so much more. Don’t miss the train scene at the beginning, while watching Maduve Mane.

3. Mungaru Male- Smashing and cute at the same time

Pooja Gandhi And Golden Star Ganesh In A Still From Mungaru Male
Source: Kannada Matinee/YouTube

Like a chocolate boy, Ganesh’s look in Mungaru Male has been a hit since the film released. His character as well as the style he brought in the film, is positively hyped till date.

4. Shravani Subramanya - The casual Boy Cut

Amulya And Golden Star Ganesh In A Still From Shravani Subramanya
Source: ZEE5

In the character of a budding singer, Ganesh’s outfits and look throughout the film is that of an artist. Also, his role is of a fun-loving full-of-life man who helps a woman named Shravani escape from the clutches of her ex-boyfriend, who is also a thug. Watch Shravani Subramanya on ZEE5, if you still haven’t.

5. Auto Raja- The rowdy look

A Promotional Poster Of Golden Star Ganesh In Auto Raja
Source: ZEE5

The Golden Star can be seen playing an Auto-driver in the film Auto Raja. However, his character’s outfits and sense of style gave the extra edge of a porki look. Starring opposite Bhama in the lead role, this movie will totally be worth your time.

If you aren’t a fan already, watch these movies to changes your mind. If you are a fan, you too know that all of the above is worth adding to your weekend binge-watch list.

Don’t forget to let us know which look of the Golden Star you loved, in the space given below.

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