Mother’s Day: Here’s Why Pari From Gattimela Is The Perfect Mother To Her Daughters

This Mother’s Day, here's a look at how Pari has brought up her children as any mother should.


A Still Of Manjunath, Amulya And Pari
Source: ZEE5

As Mother’s Day is nearing, it is important to understand the importance of our mothers in our lives. Ahead of this special day, we wish to focus on the different kinds of mothers portrayed in some of our favourite Zee Kannada shows! Today, let’s talk about Parimala Manjunath, who is the mother of four and a proud one indeed! Here’s why she is an ideal mother.

One of the most important aspects that need to be considered is the fact that Pari has taught all her children to grow up as independent women and avoid depending on anyone for anything. She always teaches them the importance of performing their daily activities without the help of one another as they will all need to do things by themselves without help at some point in their lives.

Emphasis On Education

A Still Of Parimala And Adithi In Gattimela
A Still Of Parimala And Adithi In Gattimela

Pari is always seen emphasising on education. As she is not educated, she makes sure that her daughters are well-read so that they can fend for themselves without depending on their parents or even their husbands when they get married. Pari also keeps telling Adithi and Anju that they must concentrate and study so that they can get a good job for themselves.


An Emotional Still Of Parimala And Her Daughters
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There is not a day that Pari hasn’t been supportive of her daughters. She has always encouraged them to follow their dreams without thinking of what may happen next. She also encourages them to make their own decisions and tells them to learn from their own mistakes if anything goes wrong.


A Still Of Parimala And Aarthi
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The most important factor in the relationship between Pari and her daughters is the fact that she trusts them with every move they make. Whether it is trusting Arati to get married to Vikranth or Amulya to choose her own career path, Pari always tells them to trust themselves as it will help them get a clear picture of what they want to do.

Role Model

A Still Of Parimala
Source: ZEE5

She is also a role model for her daughters. Pari is determined and strong-willed with regard to her daughters. She is also the pillar of the house who single-handedly takes care of everything. Her daughters always look up to her to an extent where they keep telling her that they want to become like her.

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