Mother’s Day: 5 Ways In Which Aishu From Yaare Nee Mohini Has Been Like A Mom To Swathi

Aishu may be young and just out of college. But she has always been a motherly figure to Swathi after Chitra's death. Here's how!


A Still Of Muttu's Daughter Swathi
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In Yaare Nee Mohini, all we are looking forward to is Belli and Muttu’s newly married life. However, let’s not forget the cute little daughter of Muttu- Swathi- who was in boarding school until now. On the eve of this Mother’s Day, let’s give Aishu a shout-out for being the closest to Swathi and a perfect substitute to Chitra. 

Aishu has always been supportive of Swathi. After Chitra’s demise, it was Aishu who took care of Swathi and parented her when she could not believe that her mother had passed away and that she would never be able to see her after that. It is Aishu who consoles her and tells her that her mother has not left her and will always look out for her in the form of a star.


A Still Of Swathi Making Aishu Run Around To See The Photo
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Aishu is young and as a result, more friendly than the rest of the mothers that we have seen on-screen. She is a true friend to Swathi as she is always ready to listen to what she has to say and even plays with her whenever she wants her to. The two of them always have a lot of fun together which helps Swathi in feeling like she has a mother.

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A Still Of Gautham And Aishu
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Aishu is smart and intelligent. She has completed her college and is about to get married to Gautam, who is as intelligent as her and very caring towards her and her family. Swathi has all the reasons to look up to her aunt as she has always made the right choices in life.


A Still Of Swathi And Aishu
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Needless to say, Aishu has been more than loving to Swathi. She has always looked after her as a child and not just a niece. Swathi, too, loves Aishu immensely and shares a very strong bond with her wherein she feels like she can confide in her.


A Smiling Still Of Swathi
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Aishu is very much aware of the happenings in Swathi’s life. She also knows what kind of a child she is, her needs and all her sorrows. She talks to Swathi regularly to ask her if she is doing well and keeps a tab on everything that has been happening in her school.