#MondayMotivation: 3 Healthy Quick-Fixes That Will Help You On The Go

Here are 3 healthy meals that you can make for yourself and your loved ones any time!

Go Bananas

Do you want to start eating healthy but tasty food? Here are some easy and less time-consuming healthy recipes that you can make at home any time.

Banana Smoothie With Grilled Fruits

It’s healthy, filling and can surely be consumed anywhere and at any point in time. Cut two bananas and chop them to put then in a blender. Add soya milk of vanilla flavour, yoghurt, and a little sugar. To add flavour, heat some sugar so that it caramelises. To that, add some light cream. Your caramel can be added to the blender and mix them together. Your smoothie is ready. Now, take some apples and pears and put them on a skewer. Put them in a pan and wait for them to grill. Your dish is ready!

Multigrain Powershot Bars

Fry some sesame in a pan. Now fry some desiccated coconut and fry them. Melt some jaggery and water on a pan. Jaggery is not only healthy but a better substitute to sugar too! Add the mix of sesame and coconut into a pan of jaggery that is boiling. Add some popped rajgira seeds and cardamom powder. Add some chopped nuts and mixed them all together. Now put them a tray and let them cool. This is not only healthy but can be eaten anywhere even satisfying your sweet tooth!

Baked Egg Potatoes And Onions

First, take sliced potato and put them in a tray. Put a little bit of salt and onions on top of the potato. Put another layer of potatoes with some herbs on it. Now repeat the process to add another layer. Now put the tray in the oven for around 40 minutes. Crack 4 eggs and put them on the baked potatoes. Then add some tomatoes. Put some black pepper and some herbs on the tray. Now put it in the oven again. Your healthy dish is ready and it does not even take time.

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