Monday Motivation With Ramesh: Start Your Day With Some ‘Volle Vichara’ Aka Good Thoughts

If you are in a low phase of life, these words from Ramesh Aravind will help a LOT. Today, he is giving you advice on early morning thoughts.

If You Need Some Help To Beat The Monday Blues, Ramesh Aravind Will Sort You Out

From the time you started out on this journey with the host of Weekend With Ramesh Season 4, Ramesh Aravind, you most definitely would have become wiser by now. Mr Aravind’s philosophies are extremely easy to interpret and are literal pearls of wisdom. If you still haven’t started making notes of what this veteran says you aren’t a true fan. Your start to this week too is going to be a good one because this is something you can do right from the time you open your eyes in the morning.

Not going to give out any more details till you check out this enthusiastic man with another advice here:

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Zee Kannada यांनी वर पोस्ट केले रविवार, ९ जून, २०१९

So in this clip, Ramesh Aravind first starts out with how when you put a drop of blue colour it makes the whole water blue. Similarly, when you add any other colour the water changes to that colour. Mr Aravind used this brilliant reference and put in our daily lives. According to him, our emotions are the drop of colour and the water is like the day. So from the time you wake up, whatever thoughts are going out in your mind will pan out the day. If you have negative thoughts, the day will follow through with the same results; negative thoughts! Ramesh says that instead of this, every day you wake up, let that drop of ink, let that thought be positive and see the astonishing results at the end of the day. Just one positive thought is enough to turn your whole day around.

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