Monday Motivation With Ramesh: Have You Taken A Step Towards Achieving Your Kanasu/Dreams?

Have a dream? Been thinking of doing something on your own for a while? Weekend With Ramesh host Ramesh Aravind will tell you why you should go for it

If You Need Some Help To Beat The Monday Blues, Ramesh Aravind Will Sort You Out

With the onset of monsoons in full swing and the gloomy overcasts in the sky, it is but natural to feel under the weather. But don’t worry, Weekend With Ramesh Season 4 host, Ramesh Aravind is all about killing your Monday blues with his exceptionally good pieces of advice. He religiously motivates us every Monday without fail, making the Monday Motivation With Ramesh segment on Facebook a unique web-series in itself. After some hit bits of advice like Anger being justified no matter how big or small, or the theory of plus one minus one, today we bring to you some more pearls of wisdom. This one is regarding how to achieve your dreams.

Let’s take a look at what  Mr Aravind has in store for us today, shall we?

Monday Motivation | Weekend With Ramesh 4

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In today’s episode of Monday Motivation With Ramesh, the host begins by talking about something as common as dreams and ambitions. He emphasises that everyone including you, I and him have dreams and aims in life. When you stand at a signal and see so many people around, know this, each of them has their own unique dreams, not one of them is without a dire wish in life. What the host is getting to is that no matter what your dream may be, if you think it is achievable, you must take the first step towards fulfilling it. If you don’t do this, the idea is wasted since it will never be executed. Mr Aravind then says, ” Start taking action. The beauty is in taking action.”

It is your hands to make your dream come true, but all you need to do is take the first step. You do that you will see a way to achieve your dream automatically. He also added that you need to fixate on a dream, the path will automatically be shown to you, but you need to ‘start acting’, to make your wish a reality.

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