Monday Motivation With Ramesh Ep 4: The Story Of The Aame And Mola, Which One Is You?

You all must have heard the story of 'The Tortoise And The Hare.' But the host Ramesh Aravind has a different take on it, and it's really interesting.

If You Need Some Help To Beat The Monday Blues, Ramesh Aravind Will Sort You Out

If there is anyone who can motivate you on a Monday morning, it is the actor and host Ramesh Aravind. And I say this with pride because the man is an everlasting powerhouse. As confirmed by his close friends too, the burst of never-dying energy in Ramesh is probably the biggest motivation for anyone around him. Every Monday, the super enthusiastic actor brings a new thought or ideology for us and nothing can motivate you more than his little life lessons.

The Weekend With Ramesh Season 4 host who recently invited Vinaya Prasad and Shashikumar on the show, also goes out of his way to keep interacting with his audience. There was one such concept he made recently called ‘Shake Hands With Ramesh’ where he went to meet a little girl, who did exceptionally in her SSLC exams. How is that for motivation?

This week, however, his little life lesson is an interesting one and will force you to introspect your ‘bala’, your strength.

So, what the brilliant actor says is that it is not necessary that the mola (the Rabbit) lost because he slept off during the race because if the race were to happen again, he would definitely work on his mistakes and win this time. However, what if we take a different situation altogether and have them race in the water, no matter what the aame (the Tortoise) will win because water is his strength. The bottom line is that, each individual has their own strength, find it and pursue it!

Were you motivated enough? Give a big shout out to the fabulous actor and host Ramesh Aravind in the space below, for his golden pieces of advice.

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