Monday Motivation: Check Out Priyanka Upendra’s Fitness Workout Videos And Get Inspired

Because of her dedication and love for fitness, Mrs Upendra has done a fine job in keeping herself fit. Need motivation today? Check out her videos!

A Smiling Still Of Actress Priyanka Upendra

Mondays are generally ‘blah’ days for many individuals, who struggle to bring their life back on track for the week ahead. Some other individuals like, for example, namma Priyanka Upendra, wife of the Real Star, loves to begin her mornings with a quick run to the gym and some good workout sessions.

If you haven’t been able to exercise lately, it’s okay don’t be so hard on yourself and keep trying again. After all, life is all about second and third chances right? More importantly, fitness is a healthy way of life which proves that you respect your body enough to give it the necessary fuel it needs to function.

Food and water are the two basic necessities but exercise and keeping yourself fit requires extra effort from your side and no one else can take that step for you except you yourself. Another great thing to keep in mind is Priyanka, who has been busy with more than two films this year, still finds time to hit the gym on a regular basis.

So my question to you is if she can do it why can’t you? So get ready to be inspired and most likely hit the gym after seeing these rigorous workout sessions of the beautiful Mrs Priyanka Upendra.

1. The lovely actress challenges herself to do something bigger and bolder when it comes to exercising, check it out…

2. Finding a good trainer is important and looks like Priyanka ma’am has hit the bullseye. (Scroll right for more videos)

3. A small message for all fans of Priyanka Upendra, regarding her fitness sessions

Are you ready to get fit like Mrs Upendra? What is your fitness mantra? Speak to us through the comments box given below.

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