Mokshitha Pai’s Love For Sarees Is Your Guide To Building A Pretty Indian Wardrobe

She is not the average lass. Her persona in insanely unique.

A Still Of Mokshitha Pai Aka Paaru

Blessed with a good height, Mokshitha Pai, who is famous for her onscreen name Paaru, loves anything that screams fashion! This newbie has her fans captivated with her active life on social media. So much so, that her followers are increasing by the minute. For viewers, celebrities are popular humans they look up to and want to be like. Namma Paaru is here to do just that, win more hearts with her distinctive persona. You see, she likes to keep things simple.

To clarify, simple in Mokshitha’s case means completely effortless. If you are a fan, you would have noticed that she has an amazing collection of pretty apparel that she wears. My attention particularly went out to her traditional collection. You may not know this but more than Langa-Cholis, this Paaru actress looks gorgeous in sarees. Her varied collection will leave you spellbound. Ready to get inspired? Take a look.

Straight out-of-the-box, this cutie chose to wear a parrot green saree with a contrast pink blouse. I mean wow! A combination I certainly wouldn’t have thought about.

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Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

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Looking pretty in a pink and gold saree, Mokshitha chose to get clicked with fairy lights in the backdrop. I told you she has a unique persona!

This one obviously couldn’t be missed because of how much Paaru loves her Akhila Amma. And the saree, well, you can see for yourself!

Sometimes, you have to spice up things in order to see what is your individual style statement. Mokshitha has clearly defined hers in this modern take on an Indian saree. Your thoughts?

Have you taken notice that Mokshitha never overdoes her makeup? Even on the show, not once till now has Paaru looked overdone right? Take a look at this picture now, her smile is all that it takes to make everything around her shine bright!

Another combination seldom thought of; dark pink and dark blue! Inspired yet?

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Somehow, greens look lovely on Mokshitha. This lime green saree with a glittery gold blouse is your outfit for a social evening. Wears this combination and all eyes will turn in your direction!

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Namma Paaru can carry-off authentic traditional wear so well too. You can easily wear this outfit for a function like a marriage or a Nischithaartha. 

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#festive #saree #indian #traditional #myfav 💃

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By this point, I am convinced that this lass can look good in pretty much everything. Her smile is all that is needed to set the whole picture alight! If you want a break from small sleeves, try this full-sleeves blouse for a new look.

If you too loved these combinations, give Mokshitha a shoutout in the space below.

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