Mission Over Mars Celebrates The Indomitable Spirit Of Women

The series showcases how women emerge supreme in their personal as well as professional spheres

Female Bonding Mission Over Mars

Directed by Vinay Waikul, Mission Over Mars is based on true events that depict the story of four women who played a pivotal role in the Mars Orbiter Mission. Apart from this, it is also a story about how they  simultaneously fought personal and professional battles thereby highlighting the challenges that they face as women. The show is a source of inspiration for more than one reason.

Here’s what makes this show as special as it is.

The show begins by just introducing and following the four parallel lives of these women who go about their own lives but come together for a mission. It is a reason to celebrate differences! Confused? The series shows 4 women with stark differences from one another. While it is only normal to judge them by their first loo, slowly but surely, we tend to develop certain respect as we get to know them. They are all intelligent, bold and beautiful in their own way.

A still of Mona Singh in the show
A still of Mona Singh in the show

The director makes the audience familiar with the surroundings of these women, played by Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh and  Palomi Ghosh. Speaking of these very talented actors, Mona Singh has successfully brought out the passionate side to women who want to bring out a difference to the world while Palomi Ghosh’s quirkiness makes a light moment of this very endearing show. M.O.M is also relatable through the smaller aspects that have been given attention. For example, Nidhi Sinha, who plays Neetu Singh, is just another girl. However, what really gives her a spark is the confidence that she has in her mathematics skills.

This show strikes a chord with the audience as it is anything but preachy. While it does focus on women and the challenges that they face, it also portrays their limitations and how they fight those limitations to become better individuals. It is a perfect mix of women empowerment, drama and comedy!

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