Maya’s Collection Of Sarees Will Inspire You To Build Your Own Traditional Wardrobe

If you preferred western wear until today, this Yaare Nee Mohini actress might change your mind.

Take A Look At Maya's Collection Of Sarees For Inspiration Into Your Wardrobe

Aishwarya Baspure from Yaare Nee Mohini has an age-old love for traditional attires. Right from the jewellery to the makeup and hairstyles, she has gracefully donned all her outfits. A saree symbolises our culture and is always something to be proud of.

To know which saree Maya has worn today, watch this episode:

On the show, Maya wears sarees almost all the time, which I am sure you must have taken inspiration from. After understanding the importance of preserving our culture, many celebrities like Aishwarya work towards achieving this goal. When social icons like her do this, fans like us can follow their example. The end result is the promotion of our culture not only in the country but outside as well.

Without further ado, let’s look at Aishwarya’s favourite saree collection, shall we?

1. Maya chooses the perfect saree to pose with nature in the background

The Perfect Saree For A Perfect Background. Aishwarya Has Good Taste
Source: Instagram

2. The giant pink polka dots on a gold base is mesmerizing and is suited for any event.

Aishwarya Baspure Confidently Posing For A Still Onstage
Source: Instagram

3. Aishwarya’s nose pin is the best accessory to this blue saree with a golden border

Aishwarya Baspure On The Sets Of Yaare Nee Mohini
Source: Instagram

4. A parrot green saree mixed with blue and gold is a good choice to wear in the day

Aishwarya Baspure Poses During A Promo Of Yaare Nee Mohini
Source: Instagram

5. Aishwarya hangs out with her squad in a bright pink saree with hints of gold

Aishwarya Baspure Poses For A Quick Picture With Harsha, Rakshith, Bharath And Chethan
Source: Instagram

6. Don’t feel like wearing anything grand? A simply beautiful saree like this should do!

Maya On The Sets Of Yaare Nee Mohini
Source: Instagram

7. Pick a saree like this red one with gold borders to wear to any traditional ceremonies

Maya Posing In A Red And Gold Saree
Source: Instagram

8. Her fan-moment with Appu sir was celebrated in this peach and pink saree

Maya Poses For A Still With The One And Only Appu Sir
Source: Instagram

One thing to keep in mind while making selections in Indian wear is that you have to find out whether you are comfortable in that material. In simple words, sarees should make you happy – look the happiness on Aishwarya’s face in each photograph.

On a general note, it is observed that women tend to look prettier when they are dressed in Indian attire. As for Aishwarya, it feels like she is specially made for sarees.

Which saree was your favourite? Keep your comments flowing in the space below.

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