Maharishi Vaani: 3 Major Aspects The Show Focuses On That Will Help You

Here's how watching Maharishi Vaani can help you lead a better life! Details inside.

3 Major Aspects That Maharishi Vaani Focuses On In The Show! Take A Look.

Maharshi Vaani hosted by Anand Guruji is a show that focuses on attaining peace and while also helping people face their problems. Here are some of the aspects that he focuses on that makes this show a must-watch!

Understanding Of Self

Throughout the show, we see that Anand Guruji focuses on helping every individual understand themselves. He believes that one must do so in order to identify where their problems come from and how to go about solving them. He also explains the need to understand one’s self as it helps deal with everyday problems and helps maintain peace.

Professional Life And Personal Life

The show also goes about guiding people as to how to go about their professional and personal life. In terms of professional life, he deals with challenges such as focus and concentration while with personal life, he deals with relationships and understanding the human mind.

3 Major Aspects That Maharishi Vaani Focuses On In The Show! Take A Look.
A still of Anand Guruji


Health is another aspect that is dealt with in the show. He talks about the importance of sleep and eating healthy while also exercising the body and the mind. He explores the relationship between the mind and the body to say that one another are interrelated.

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