Locals Start Pelting Stones After Ration Shop Owners Refuse To Serve Them In Delhi

Delhi locals lose their cool and started pelting stones after the ration shops refused to give them their daily ration.

Stone Pelting

A violent incident took place at Delhi’s Prem Nagar recently. The government had instructed the ration shops to provide the people with sufficient daily ration. However, some of the shops refused to distribute food items to the people. This angered the public and they soon started throwing stones at the shops. Before the situation could turn worse, the police managed to calm things down. They even arrested two locals for the violent acts in the area.

Due to the ongoing lockdown, many people across the nation are struggling to earn their living and fulfil their daily requirements. Though many NGOs, government authorities, and volunteers are providing the needy people with food packages, this doesn’t seem to be enough to cater to the huge number of people. This has lead to agitation among the poor and an increase in instances of violence.

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