Kamali’s Quirky Friend Ningi Has An Artistic Side To Her That You Probably Didn’t Know Of

Get ready to be completely mesmerised by Ankietha's creations. My favourite was #2

Kamali's Quirky Friend Ningi Has An Artistic Side To Her That You Probably Didn't Know Of

Ankietha is a brilliant actor with more than one talent. This cute lass from Zee Kannada’s TV show Kamali is obsessed with making earrings from scratch. It is always good to dwell on a hobby as it keeps you creatively active and helps with your daily stress.

The latest episode of Kamali can be viewed right here:

Like her, many of you must be busy with your day-to-day lives, so it is imperative to find something fun to do. I for one completely fell in love with the amount of variety Ankietha has provided while making these intricate designs. Let’s take a look.

1. Oxidised danglers

You can see for yourself how difficult these look to make. She has used dangling oxidised strings and attached jhumkas at the bottom. Brilliant job Ankietha!

2. Classic traditional jhumkas

These white jhumkas look so intricately designed. One can only imagine, how much hard work would have gone into making these gorgeous pieces!

3. Stunning Studds

Using mirror-work, Ankietha has gone beyond expectations in making these attractive yet delicate looking studs. The combination of green and blue beads reminds me of a peacock feather for some reason. Do you see it too?

4. Silk thread jhumkas

Uniquely thought of, these traditional custom-made earrings designs can be worn to any festivals or events.

5. Fusion jhumkis

Although these might look like jhumkas they are more like a modern twist to the old traditions. Do you feel like owning a pair of these already?

Earrings always complete our look and add to our beauty. What better way to relate to Ankietha and understand her love for art.

Did you expect Ankietha to be so artistic? Which was your favourite set of earrings? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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