Kamali’s Amulya Gowda Recently Took A Break From Work And The Pictures Are Like A Dream

Her unique personality, both onscreen and offscreen, is happy-go-lucky. Take a look at how Amulya Gowda aka Kamali likes to unwind!

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Taking a break from your everyday work is a must, in order to recoup and refresh your inner-self. Even the best of individuals often find themselves doing more productive work after a short break. Namma Kamali aka Amulya Gowda is no different. Doing a fantastic job on the show as Kamali, now that Annapoorna’s husband has been kidnapped by Kamini, let’s see how the next twist hits everyone. So speaking about taking a break from your everyday routine to unwind is only human.

Today, we would like to show a quick getaway that Kamali took to the Scotland of India (also known as Coorg) and the pictures are so mesmerising especially at this time of the year, that you might want to enter this dream yourself. I don’t have to tell you how delicious the ‘pandi curry’ (pork curry) that is prepared in Coorg is, so while Kamali had a great time, she was humble enough to share her trip with all fans. Take a look for yourself.

When your clothes are comfy, it’s time for a quick video…

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How about wearing a T-Shirt dress for dinner? The idea sounds so comfy, right?

Focus on some favourite sports available at the scintillating venue. In Amulya’s case, it is a game of pool/snooker

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I told you, it’s just like a dream (the background along with namma Kamali)

On your getaway, funny expressions is a must…

Will you be taking a short getaway soon? Send in your suggestions and choices to us in the comments box given below.

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