Kamali Weekly Update 26 June-1 July 2019: Mahajan-Nanda Alliance At Risk Because Of Kamali

Last week took an unusual turn of events on the hit show. Annapoorna asked Kamali to join her business while Tara still continues to hate Kamali!

A Worried Still Of Kamali And Ningi

Previously, Rishi, who was missing for two days figured out that Anika was his kidnapper. Despite her frustrating attempts to get him to like her, she fails in removing Kamali from out of Rishi’s mind. Kamali, on the other hand, gets constant insults from Tara, who accuses her of Rishi’s disappearance and says extremely mean things to her. She then promises Tara that no matter what she will find her son and bring him home. A slight gut feeling then tells Kamali that Anika could be the culprit here. She follows Anika and is shocked to find an unconscious Rishi lying on a mountain top. Furious, Kamali then lashes out at Anika and takes Rishi to the hospital to get treated for his injured arm.

With me so far? Let’s see the incidents that led Kamali to probably make the biggest mistake of her life by interfering in the Mahajan-Nanda business relationship. Keep scrolling…

1. Rishi thanks Kamali for her help, but she claims that it was nothing

When Rishi Thanks Kamali And She Asks Him Not To Mention It
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2. After Rishi is taken to his room, Kamali reminds Tara that she fulfilled her promise and got Rishi back home, much to the latter’s dislike.

A Still Of Kamali, Tara And Ramesh
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3. At home, Annapoorna praises Kamali for saving Rishi and bringing him back home safely

A Still Of Annapoorna, Kamali And Ningi
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4. Anika, who sees Annapoorna pampering Kamali, gets extremely jealous and decides to do something about it

A Still Of Anika, Annapoorna And Kamali
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5. The next day, when Annapoorna asks Kamali to accompany Chandru to the factory, Kamini gets furious

A Still Of Kamali, Kamini, Annapoorna, Anika And Chandru
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6. With no way to stop Kamali, Kamini then suggests that Anika too must join her sister in the business

Kamini Makes Annapoorna Send Anika Along With Kamali To The Factory
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7. At the factory, the Mahajan family is shocked to hear that the workers are protesting. Taking Kamini’s advice, Anika speaks demeaningly at them, assuming that this way the situation will calm down.

A Still Of Anika And Kamini
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8. Her plan, however, fails and the workers get even more agitated

Anika Gets Hassled When Things Go Out Of Hand
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9. To calm the situation, Kamali intervenes and accepts their demands without consulting anyone. Rohit Mahajan gets furious while Chandru is shocked!

Rohit Is Shocked When Kamali Accepts All The Demands Of The Workers Without Consulting Them
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10. At home, just as Annapoorna is questioning Kamali to confess why she took such a hasty decision, Tara barges in and insults her further

Tara Interrupts Annapoorna As She Is Questioning Kamali
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11. Annapoorna and Rishi try to support Kamali but in vain, Tara demands that Chandru go to the factory and fix this mess by tomorrow

Tara Asks Chandru To Fix The Mess Kamali Has Created
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12. Rishi, however, takes Kamali to the place where the factory workers live to try and discuss a solution for this problem, but looking at their way of life, the latter becomes extremely emotional

Kamali Is Devastated To The State The Factory Workers Are Living In
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13. He then promises her that no matter what he will help her find a solution together that disappoints neither party

Rishi Promises Kamali That Everything Will Be Fine
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14. At the factory the next day, with Annapoorna’s support, Kamali informs the workers that they will get a lump sum bonus at the end of the year as an incentive. Upon hearing the solution to this problem, the workers emotionally thank Kamali for everything she did for them.

Kamali's Solution Brings A Smile On Every Employee's Face
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How will Tara react to this new change? Will she accept Kamali into her life? Stay tuned to the next week’s update to find out.

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