Kamali Weekly Recap Of 23-29 July 2019: Anika Fails To Stop Kamali And Rishi’s Engagement

Anika did everything to convince Rishi to change his mind about Kamali and his engagement. Even with Kamini's help, things seem bleak for her!

Ningi, Rishi And Kamali In An Exclusive Still

Previously on KamaliTara asks for a DNA test to be conducted between Chandru and Kamali to prove that the latter is actually an offspring of the Mahajan family. According to Tara, someone like Kamali cannot be a Mahajan because she belonged to a lower-class family all her life. Meanwhile, Kamini makes many attempts to stop the reports from reaching anyone first before her but fails. She even gets her hands on the reports that state that the DNA reports of the Chandru and Kamali match causing her to be flabbergasted. Assuming that it is a mistake she tries to bribe the doctor about changing the tests to negative. Finally, Anika, her mother and grandmother face defeat as Tara opens the DNA report and finds the test to be positive.

With much hesitation, she finally accepts Kamali as her daughter-in-law. Anika, on the other hand, gets extremely suicidal upon learning that Rishi is going further away from her. To worsen the situation, she then cuts her wrist which causes Kamali to rethink her decision about marrying Rishi

To know what happened after that, keep scrolling.

1. Rishi tells Kamali that Anika cut her hand on purpose just for attention

An Irate Still of Rishi
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2. Kamali and Anika get scolded by Rishi for playing with his life

A Still Of Kamali, Rishi And Anika
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3. Rishi then tells Anika about the right way someone ends their life if she is really interested

A Still Of Anika Trying To Convince Rishi In The Presence Of Kamali
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4. Elsewhere, Kamini hires a contract killer without revealing who her target is

A Still Of Kamini And The Contract Killer
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5. While returning back home with Anika, Rishi clearly asks Kamali if she is okay with this wedding

A Still Of Rishi Nanda
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6. Kamali apologises to Rishi for trying to call off the marriage but he doesn’t listen to her

An Apologetic Still Of Kamali
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7. The next day, the engagement venue is set and the to-be bride arrives with her girl gang

A Still Of Kamali Being Taken Into The Engagement Venue
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8. Rishi tries to find out the real reason Kamali accepted this relationship but her friends don’t let the two of them speak

A Still Of When Rishi Calls Kamali
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9. Meanwhile, Gauri goes to the guruji to ask permission to disclose everything to the Mahajan family

A Hopeful Still Of Gauri
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10. Soon, the Nandas arrive at the venue without Rishi as Anika wanted to bring him to the venue

A Smiling Still Of The Nanda Family
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11. Gauri, who also arrives there a while later is shocked to see Annapoorna standing very close to her

A Still Of When Gauri Hides Herself In Front Of Annapoorna
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12. Kamali, on the other hand, is beautifully decorated for the Nishchithaartha by Ningi and Rachana

A Still Of Kamali In The Engagement Attire
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13. Her happiness is doubled when she sees her mother come to visit her

An Ecstatic Still Of Kamali
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14. Upon not finding Rishi anywhere, Ningi and Rachana wonder where he might be

A Still Of Rachana And Ningi
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15. After a while, the priest too gets impatient that the groom-to-be is nowhere to be found

A Still Of The Priest On Kamali
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16. In her room, Kamali is furious to know from Ningi that Anika is with Rishi, who still hasn’t come to the venue and decides to go looking for him

An Angry Still Of Kamali
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17. However, when she sees Rishi enter the hall at that time, all her worries go away

Kamali Looks Relieved After Seeing Rishi Sir
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18. She runs towards Rishi and later hugs him, much to his and Anika’s surprise

A Happy Still Of Kamali And Rishi
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Will Anika let the engagement run smoothly? Find out on tonight’s episode or in the next weekly update.

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