Kamali Weekly Recap Of 22-27 August 2019: Kamali Sleeps On Rishi’s Lap And Holds His Hand

Last week on Kamali, despite Anika's torture, Rishi always has Kamali's back. Also, Tara comes to convince Rishi to go back home but fails to do so!

An Adorable Still Of Kamali And Rishi

Previously on Kamali, while Urmila and Anika rejoice that Kamali has left the city, Rishi leaves his house much to his family’s resistance. Kamali and Ningi who are allowed to return back by Gauri are grateful to Rachana for helping them with a job at the cafe in order to pay the college fees. Rishi comes wandering to the same cafe and is stunned to find Kamali there. Elsewhere, Kamini makes many attempts to tell Annapoorna that Tara must have kidnapped her husband but fails to fully convince her. Ramesh and Rishi spend some time together at the latter’s new home soon afterwards.

The next day, Rishi gets furious when a customer gives Kamali a tough time and tries to oppose him. Unfortunately for Rishi the cafe manager politely asks not to create more disturbances and leave the place immediately. Later, Rishi promises Kamali that no matter how long he will wait for her. At the Mahajan house, Annapoorna gets ready for the Varamahalakshmi pooja and prays that both her husband and granddaughter come back safely to her. Let’s find out what happened since then.

1. Kamali is asked to do the Varamahalakshmi pooja in the cafe

A Still Of The Varamahalakshmi Pooja At Kamali's Workplace
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2. Rishi, who is also present a little distance away falls in love with Kamali all over again

A Smiling Still Of Rishi
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3. When everyone praises the ‘offering’ (prasad), Ningi speaks loudly to inform Rishi that Kamali is the one who made it

A Still Of Ningi And Kamali
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4. Soon, Kamali and Rishi share a romantic moment while exchanging the prasad

A Romantic Still Of Kamali And Rishi
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5. After Rishi is asked to leave by the cafe manager, Anika comes there with her friends and insults Kamali

A Still Of Anika Insulting Kamali And Ningi
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6. Purposefully, Anika also doesn’t take the food parcel she had ordered and leaves saying that she will give a bad review to the cafe

Anika Decided To Insult Kamali Further And Leaves Midway
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7. To fix this and ensure that her pay doesn’t get cut, Kamali goes to Mahajan house to give the parcel herself

Kamali Decides To Deliver The Package To The House In Order To Avoid A Pay Cut
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8. Inside the house, Annapoorna gets furious with Anika for having non-veg on an auspicious day

A Still Of Annapoorna, Urmila And Kamini
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9. She then praises Kamali for her good nature and claims that she wouldn’t have been so lax

A Smiling Still Of Annapoorna
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10. Kamali, who is standing outside is thrilled to learn that Annapoorna called her, her granddaughter

A Still OF Kamali Mahajan
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11. Irate, Annapoorna finally asks Parvathi (the housemaid) to clean the whole house again before the pooja and asks Anika to either sit in her room quietly or take her friends and leave

When An Angry Annapoorna Asks Parvathi To Clean The House
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12. Tara goes to Rishi’s new house much to his excitement but quickly gets to the point

A Sad Still Of Tara Mahajan
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13. Rishi and she share a lot of moments before he finally tells her that his return home is based on whether she will accept his love

An Emotional Rishi And Tara
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14. At the village, Gauri is stunned to see Chandru there and immediately escapes his sight

A Shocked Still Of Gauri
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15. Annapoorna soon gets a letter from her supposed ‘granddaughter’ stating that she will find her grandfather at any cost

Annapoorna Gets A Letter From Her Granddaughter
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16. Outside the house, as Kamali and Ningi are waiting, Rishi brings the car for them to sit but the former prefers to stay outside

A Still Of Rishi, Ningi And Kamali
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17. Throughout the night Kamali sleeps on Rishi’s lap unknowingly, much to Rishi’s happiness

A Still Of Kamali Sleeping On Rishi
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18. He tries to fix her head’s position when she holds his hand in her sleep and asks him not to leave her

A Still Of Kamali Asking Rishi Not To Leave Her
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19. Anika complains to Kamini about Rishi and Kamali standing outside the gate and spending time together

An Annoyed Still Of Anika And Kamini
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20. The next day, Kamali feels awkward to have slept on Rishi’s lap and forces him to leave

A Still Of Kamali And Rishi
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21. When Ningi asks her why is being so stubborn about meeting Annapoorna, Kamali gives her the shocking news of Thathaiyya’s (Annapoorna’s husband) abduction

A Shocked Still Of Ningi
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22. Soon, Kamali spots Annapoorna leaving to the temple and runs after the car only to find Chandru on their way

A Still Of Chandru, Kamali And Ningi
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23. He takes them to the temple but Kamali doesn’t find Annapoorna anywhere

A Still Of Chandru, Ningi And Kamali
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24. Upon spotting her a while later, Kamali finds out from the priest that she has kept some vow to do some few tasks in order to find her granddaughter

A Still Of Annapoorna And The Priest At The Temple
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25. Despite Ningi’s reluctance, Kamali decides to complete the task for her Annapoorna Ajji

Kamali Decides To Fulfil Annapoorna's Vow
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Will Chandru find out about his daughter soon? How is Kamali planning to find her Thathaiyya? Stay tuned to find out in the next week’s update.

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