Kamali Weekly Recap Of 15-21 October 2019: Kamali-Rishi Seem To Have Rekindled Their Love!

Last week on Kamali, Chandru finds out the truth about Gauri's daughter, aka his own daughter. Meanwhile, the love between Kamali-Rishi is growing!

A Still Of Kamali, Ningi, Rachana, Tejas And Rishi With The Rest Of The Class

Previously on Kamali, by a stroke of luck, Chandru chances upon the truth of his daughter, Kamali, much to Gauri’s uneasiness. At the police station, Annapoorna gets agitated when the thug who kidnapped Sadanand is caught but doesn’t tell where her husband is. Elsewhere, Gauri explains to Chandru why she had to hide the truth about Kamali from him.

Of course, Gauri doesn’t reveal the part where Kamini has threatened her but she takes a promise from Chandru never to reveal to anyone about who her daughter is, not even Kamali. Thanks to Kamini, she somehow makes the thug escape and gets shot by her inside man in the police force. However, escaping everyone’s notice, the thug slips in a clue about Sadanand after recognising Kamali, who comes rushing to his aid after he is shot.

Luckily for Kamini, the thug is trying to speak her name accidentally stops at the syllable ‘Ka’ and points to Kamali, causing everyone to think this has something to do with her. Let’s see what happened after that, shall we?

1. Kamini tries to put the blame on Kamali for being connected to the thug despite Ningi and her pleas to the inspector

A Still From Kamali
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2. When he asks to take them in for questioning Annapoorna insists that Kamali is innocent and that they can always come to question her as she will be staying at the Mahajan house from here on

A Collage Of Annapoorna And Kamali
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3. Elsewhere, somehow Anika manages to tell Tara that Annapoorna has transferred the power of attorney to her

A Smiling Still Of Anika
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4. After Rishi drops her home, Anika is furious with the maid Pavithra, who confesses that a jacket that Rishi gifted her was giving by Urmila as a hand-me-down

A Collage Of Pavithra And Anika
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5. As she is kicking out Pavithra, Anika is stunned to see Annapoorna along with Kamali and Ningi

A Still Of Ningi, Kamini, Kamali, Annapoorna And Pavithra
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6. Anika then tries to stop Kamali and Ningi from entering her home on the pretext that now she is the owner of the entire Mahajan empire and she has to right to make such decisions

An Angry Still Of Anika
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7. Kamini drives this idea of Anika till the end and literally throws Kamali out

When Kamini Throws Kamali Out Of The Mahajan House
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8. Luckily for her, Chandru arrives there and picks Kamali up and brings her back into the house

A Still Of Kamali And Chandru
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9. By this time, Rishi arrives there and sees the whole fiasco, feeling very bad for Kamali’s state

A Still Of Kamali, Rishi And Chandru
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10. Chandru takes Kamali inside and screams out asking who dared to throw her out of the house

An Angry Still of Chandru
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11. Kamini, who steps up and tries to blame everything on Kamali, is rebuked gravely by Chandru, who then explains to everyone what exactly is written in the ‘Power of Attorney’ contract

A Still Of Chandru Holding The Power Of Attorney Papers
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12. Upon learning that there are two conditions (till Annapoorna is alive the contract is invalid and only if his first daughter is dead will the power be transferred to Anika), Kamani and Urmila get upset

A Collage Of Kamini And Urmila
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13. With the confirmation that his first child is alive, Chandru tears apart the contract in front of everyone causing Kamini, Urmila and Anika to curse their luck

When Chandru Tears Up The Papers In Front Of Everyone
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14. He sends a final warning to the three ladies that whatever Annapoorna says is final and if someone messes with that or tries to scare his mother to remove Kamali from their house, they’ll have to see his worst side

A Still Of The Cast Of Kamali
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15. The next day, Chandru is embarrassed in front of Kamali and Ningi when Anika insults the driver for eating his breakfast at the time of dropping her to college

A Collage Of The Driver-Anika And Ningi-Kamali-Chandru
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16. When he asks her to take Kamali and Ningi with them she refuses so he himself offers to drop them to their college

An Irritated Still Of Anika
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17. On the way, Chandru makes a stop at their company godown for some work which exactly the place Kamini hides Sadanand at

A Still Of Chandru
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18. Upon seeing Chandru’s car Kamini is taken aback and wonders what she will do if he catches her here (a place she is not supposed to be in)

A Shocked Still Of Kamini
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19. Later, at the college, Kamali is surprised when all her friends throw her a congratulations party for topping the last year

A Still Of Kamali And Ningi
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20. During the cake cutting ceremony, Tejas hints that Rishi should also cut the cake with Kamali seeing he is the one who helped

A Still Of Tejas
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21. While Kamali blushes, Rishi takes her hand to cut the cake and they both feed each other in the end.

A Collage Of Kamali And Rishi
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Will Kamali and Rishi get married soon? How is Anika going to take all this? We’ll find out in the next week’s update, so don’t go anywhere, stay tuned.

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