Kamali And Ningi Have Revamped The Faded Trend Of Half-Sarees To Perfection

There cannot be anyone better to demonstrate the beauty of this outfit than these two actresses.

Fall In Love With Wearing Half-Sarees Thanks To Kamali And Ningi

Amulya Gowda and Ankietha from Kamali, have thankfully brought a trend from South India back into fashion. Comprising of three garments and devoid of any hassle of pleats are the half-sarees. Although this outfit is given different names from each state in South India, the idea and concept remain the same.

To know the shocking truth that Gauri told Kempa, watch this episode:

There is a full-length skirt called a Langa followed by a long cloth measuring roughly around 2.5 metres, which provides the same functionality of a Pallu in a saree. The last piece of this trifecta is the blouse.

A half-saree is a very sacred dress worn by a young girl to mark her entry from childhood to puberty. It is used to depict that a girl has just turned into a woman and is ready for marriage. On the show, Kamali and Ningi are seen donning half-sarees one after another and rightfully so. They perfectly portray how young women dress up in villages (like theirs) and the culture that comes with it.

While a lot of women prefer to wear full-length sarees, these half-sarees are a relief in so many ways. It is a three-piece outfit which means that there is less stress in the way it can be worn. Also, it gives a different dimension altogether from that of a perception of a saree. Here’s hoping that Kamali and Ningi have convinced you enough to try on half-sarees for yourself! You can always tweak it a little according to your preference.

Would you wear a half-saree if given the opportunity? We await your comments in the space below.

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