Jothe Jotheyali 4 December 2019 Preview: Will Anu Continue To Keep Quiet?

Anu has always kept quiet in front of Arya? Something's different this time. Check out to see what!

A still from the preview

In the previous episode, we see that Arya is taking out all his frustration on Anu. Meera, on the other hand, shouts at Anu and tells her to work harder on her research.

Next episode, Arya, once again, finds reasons to take up a fight with Anu. Anu has come to Arya to get some help with her research regarding sarees. As recommended by the employee, Anu goes to Arya and seeks help for her survey. However, Arya shouts at Anu asking her why she had to come to him out of all the people to seek help. She could have asked anyone else. He also says that if she specifically wanted help from Arya, then she should have directly asked him. But he assumes that she wanted seek his help through another employee of the office. Anu doesn’t say anything throughout until she stops him from saying his next word.