Jothe Jotheyali 2 December 2019 Written Update: Has Arya Realised His Feelings For Anu?

Will Arya and Anu come to terms to their feelings for each other? Read more to find out!

A still from the latest episode!

In yesterday’s episode of Zee Kannada’s Jothe Jotheyali, Anu’s parents are playing a game of Pallankuzhi when Anu walks in angry. Her parents ask her why Arya didn’t come to their house for dinner. She furiously responds saying that there’s no need to talk about him when he’s not considerate enough to think about her family.

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She hands over a letter from Arya to her parents apologising for not making it to their house due to certain reasons. Anu and Arya are, each, trying to battle their feelings for each other. Next morning, Anu’s friend who was previously supposed to get married to her, offers her to drop her to her office. Arya sees her with another man and is infuriated. He vents out all his frustration on his employees, as well as Anu.

A still from the episode!
Source: Zee5

Meanwhile, Meera is celebrating the fact that Arya lashed out at Anu with Jhende. Jhende says that there was a lot of pain on Arya’s face when he shouted at Anu, but Meera dismisses it. Anu, distressed, is serving tea in Arya’s office. Arya makes it very clear that this it is his office and Anu must abide by his rules. It is apparent that watching Anu with another man affected him to an extent of lashing out on everyone.

A still from the episode
Source: ZEE5

Will Arya come to terms with his feelings for Anu? 

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