Jothe Jotheyali 12 February 2020 Preview: Arya Is Desperate To Talk To Anu

Arya has not spoken to Anu for days now. He asks the guards for a phone but none of them have one to give him.


In the previous episode of Jothe JotheyaliMeera addresses the employees to tell them that the changes that Harsha is bringing about have to be obeyed as they are all workers of Vardhan Group Of Companies. Jhende and Arya are still talking. Arya is infuriated about the fact that he has not been able to step out of his house. Jhende tells him that he needs to be protected and safe but also needs to take care of his health.

In the next episode, Arya wants to make one call but his phone has been taken away from him. He goes out of his room to see several security guards outside. When he asks all of them for a phone, one of the guards tells him that Jhende has taken away all their phones and all they have is a walkie-talkie. Arya gets disappointed once again.

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