Jothe Jotheyali 11 March 2020 Preview: Anu And Arya Share A Moment At The Temple

Arya is referred to as Anu's husband by the pandit at the temple; the two share a moment.


In the previous episode of Jothe JotheyaliSubbu notices that Anu is a little tense. On asking Pushpa, she tells him that the day is Ashtami and that’s why she might be worried. Anu says that she managed well the previous night and is prepared for her exam. She also tells her father that Arya had come home the previous night.

In the next episode, Arya and Anu decide to perform the ritual. They are praying to the God when the pandit refers to Arya as her husband and asks for his details in order to perform the ritual. Anu is taken aback for a minute and looks at Arya who is also surprised. However, he goes on to answering the pandit. Anu starts smiling to herself.

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