Jodi Hakki’s Chaithra Rao Attending Her BFF’s Wedding Will Give You Bridesmaid Goals

Janaki loves her bunch of BFFs and is seen happiest around them. Imagine her excitement when one of them is about to be married!

Jodi Hakki Actress Chaithra Rao Will Give You Bridesmaid Goals

Namma Zee Kannada is gaining popularity by the minute because of its amazing story line-ups for primetime. Jodi Hakki is one such show that revolves around a couple who hail from a rural area in Karnataka. While Rama (Thandav Ram) is a wrestler and helps out in the farm, Janaki (Chaithra Rao) is a teacher and believes in making a career.  

After watching Appanna’s love for Parvathi in this episode, your heart will melt:

A frequent user of her social media handles, Chaithra Rao will always leave you entertained. If you are a fan then you know how much her buddies mean to her. Recently, when one of her bestie’s got married, this cute actress was all smiles!! The enthu cutlet even snapped a crazy pose with her group of machis, including the lovely ‘then’ bride-to-be.

Friends hold a special place in our life. Be is sharing weird secrets with each other in confidence or taking advice on equally weird things, your gal-pals always have your back. While both love and friendship are created from trust and loyalty, the latter is more uplifting. Think about it, with your buds you can totally go shopping, partying, holidaying, and not feel tired, mentally. You don’t have to worry about what you wear or what you do because most of the times, you’ll are in the same boat, sailing away to glory together!

Furthermore, there is always a specimen for each category in each group, like one dummy, one kothi, one loafer and so on. But, you are always a happy bunch of jokers together. Similarly, Chaithra, who loves her friends is the happiest when she is out celebrating an occasion with them. Her friend’s wedding, for example, was one of those happy moments for Namma Jaanu. Don’t you feel like wanting to get your friends married just so you can be a bridesmaid? And, of course, tease them to the Nth degree!

Do you have a similar kind of a relationship with any of your friends? Give them shout out in the space below!

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