Jodi Hakki 17-23 May 2019 Recap: Rama Showers Janaki With His Support For Her Exams

Despite Nanditha's constant plans to ruin Janaki and Rama's life, they are more bonded than ever! Know about how Rama was a lovely husband to Janaki

A Smiling Still Of Rama

Jodi Hakki is the story of Janaki (Chaithra Rao) and Rama (Thandav Ram), two people who fall in love soon after their arranged marriage. Janaki’s sister-in-law Nanditha (Pallavi Gowda) plays the role of the antagonist as you already must know. After her sister Kadambari has entered the show, she has become even more hateful towards Janaki and Rama and always tries to foil their happy life, because of her jealousy. Recently too, she got Rama’s auto stolen in order to teach him a lesson.

That’s the best part about this show, Janaki and Rama’s perseverance is a big lesson and quite relatable to many couples who may have a rotten sister-in-law!

Today we will look at the highpoints of the show since after Nanditha ensured Rama’s auto was stolen. Let’s begin

1. Rama seeks help is finding the location of the auto

Finance Tirupathi In A Still From Jodi Hakki
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2. Janaki gets frustrated with Nanditha for ruining her and Rama’s peaceful life

Janaki Worries About Nanditha Giving Them More Trouble
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3. Parvathi prays to god to fix everything soon

A Still Of Parvathi
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4. Janaki informs Rama about a library card she wants to get, but the latter has other ideas

A Still Of Rama
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5. Parvathi inquires about Manja and Anu’s love story

A Still Of Parvathi, Anu And Manja
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6. While speaking fondly of Janaki and Rama, their photo frame slips out of Parvathi’s hand and crashes onto the floor

Janaki And Rama's Photo Crashes To The Floor
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7. Rama finds an interesting ride on his last auto trip

Rama's Last Auto Ride Seems To Be Interesting
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8. Upon reaching home, Rama has dinner with his two most precious ladies

A Still Of Janaki, Parvathi And Rama
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9. Rama takes Janaki the next day to a book shop for her to purchase her study books

A Still Of Janaki And Rama
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10. Janaki objects the extra expenses but Rama is in no mood to listen

Janaki And Rama In A Still From The Show
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11. The next day, Manju, Anu and the boys notice Rama making efforts not to disturb Janaki

A Still From Jodi Hakki
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12. They go to wish Janaki soon afterwards as her exams are the next day

Anu, Manja And The Boys Come To Wish Janaki All The Best For Her Exams
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Will Nanditha try to spoil Janaki’s exams too? To know what will happen next, stay tuned.

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