Jhalander From ZEE5’s Jothe Jotheyali Just Made The Show 10 Times More Interesting!

Jhalander is more than a negative character. He brings the much required drama and thrill in Jothe Jotheyali

Jalander From ZEE5’s Jothe Jotheyali Just Made The Show 10 Times More Interesting!

Arya’s struggle to express his feelings to Anu is no surprise to us. The two have a huge age difference which stands as a barrier to their love story. However, fate has something else planned for Arya. While he is developing strong emotions for Anu, Jhalander from Jothe Jotheyali is a new character who has been introduced into the story. He not only creates a certain thrill in the show but also makes it all the more exciting for its viewers.

Here’s why!

Jhalander’s entry into the show begins when Arya is getting ready to leave for a conference in London and Jhende tells him that he cannot leave the country as Jhalander has been released from jail. Jhende is very well acquainted with this man it seems, given the occasional phone calls that they have wherein Jhlander threatens to kill Arya and challenges Jhende to do whatever it takes to protect his friend and partner.

Jhalander comes across as a very dangerous man considering that Arya and Jhende have organised a whole team of bodyguards for the former, as well as for Anu and her family. Meanwhile, it has already established that Arya has had a long and close relationship with him. However, all we know that after being in jail for several years, Jhalander has come back into Arya’s life to seek vengeance. So far, the relationship and background of Arya have been kept a mystery. Speaking of which, there are certain speculations that are doing the rounds with regard to his entry or rather re-entry into Arya’s life.

A still of Jalander talking to Neel
A still of Jalander talking to Neel

Arya and Jhalander could have been business partners in the past. While there could have been some sort of misunderstanding, he could have either broken the trust of his partner Arya or committed fraud in the name of the business for which he was sent to jail. We also see that Jhende and Jhalander are familiar with each other and repeatedly challenge one another with regard to Arya. It is also possible that Jhalander and Arya are somehow related but then again, he must have committed some sort of crime for which he was sent to jail. He has now come back to kill Arya and tries many times to do so.

Additionally, Jhalander, who turns out to be Neel’s uncle, sends him to keep an eye on Arya. Ignorant of this, Arya employs him into his company which is how he receives information about Arya’s whereabouts. He is also informed about Arya’s love interest Anu which is when Jhalander decides to come in contact with her.

What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out!

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