Janaki and Chitra’s Pics Will Make You Nostalgic If You Are A Bharatanatyam Dancer Too

These two famous actresses from Yaare Nee Mohini and Jodi Hakki have beautified their elegance by practising this dance form.

Janaki and Chitra's Pics Will Make You Nostalgic If You Are A Bharatanatyam Dancer Too

Bharathi Hegde from Yaare Nee Mohini has a special love for Bharatanatyam just like Chaithra Rao, who is the lead in Jodi Hakki. Both these beauties have practised this form of dance and integrated it into their life from the get-go.

Watch how Parvathi escapes the eyes of Madhavayya and Nanditha:

In a way, it is an evident part of their cultural roots. The grace and poise they carry themselves with is the biggest proof. If you too have a fondness for the dance form, these pictures of Janaki and Chitra in their attires will make you nostalgic.

The presence of Bharatanatyam is eminent mostly in Tamil Nadu. With a history of approximately two thousand years, Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest forms of classical dance in the country. Precise hand gestures with delicate footwork constitute the majority of this dance. Add a set of expressive emotions to your face and you are sorted.

With brightly coloured outfits and brilliant makeup techniques, the emphasis is given equally to the postures of the body and the eyes. There is a saying in India that if you know Bharatanatyam, you can perform any other type of dance.

The reason for this is because Bharatanatyam as a dance requires an individual to do various kinds of stretching. It also provides immense flexibility to each part of the body.

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If you have ever wanted to try something in dance, Bharatanatyam is your way to move forward. As for Chaithra Rao and Bharati Hegde, we hope to see a few of their steps soon. For now, we have to be content with their gorgeous photos.

Do you practise Bharatanatyam? How has it benefited you? Share your comments in the space below with #Bharatanatyam

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