Instances When Gattimela Actors Nisha And Priya Proved That Best Friends Are Awesome

Nisha and Priya, aka Amulya and Aarthi Manjunath, are here to prove that work-BFFs are important to make life flow smooth. Their cute pics await you!

Adithi And Amulya Manjunath From Gattimela Are More Than Friends, They Are BFFS

The newest primetime show on Zee Kannada, Gattimela, has very quickly made a comfortable position for itself on top of the list. The story looks at the life of Amulya Manjunath and her nemesis Vedanth Vashishta. If you are a fan, I don’t have to tell you that the show has taken an interesting turn with attempts to get Aarthi and Vicky married. Now talking about the off-screen chemistry the cast shares, the first set of actors who are on this list are Ashwini and Abhishek Das aka Aarthi Manjunath and Vikranth Vashishta. The second set that we just love off-screen is Nisha Ravikrishnan and Priya Achar who play Amulya And Adithi Manjunath respectively.

What we love about them is that after playing sisters on the show the two have become BFFs and are often spotted spending time together while not on shoots. For more proof, keep scrolling.

1. When BFF is from work, life is awe-freakin-some!

2. With your BFF, selfies and poses are all that matter!

3. How about beating the summer by taking a cool dip in the pool with your BFF?

4. A smile for a smile!

When I see these two lasses I have just one word in mind; touchwood. Look at how happy they seem to be in each other’s company. If you too have a friend who feels more like family, give them a shout out in the space below.

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