India Sends 15 Tonnes Of Protective Items And Other Medical Help To Lisbon

India has ensured to help out the stranded Indians in Lisbon by sending medical help and providing other assistance.


Recently, the Indian Sikh community in Portugal ‘bravely’ approached the quarantine centers with the intention to deliver supplies for all the Indians that have been stranded due to the global pandemic. Volunteers of the Indian community arranged for free food and other rations to more than 1,800 stranded Indians in the country.

55 Indians out of the 100 tested positive for COVID-19, all of whom have recovered. India is also planning to bring back the stranded nationals by organising a special flight from Lisbon to Goa which will bring home around 190 Indians who are stuck in a cruise liner.

Additionally, India has also sent 15 tonnes of protective items to Lisbon from Banglore along with 2.5 million tablets of HCQ. The country has items like gloves and other medical assistance that has also been flown in from Bangalore. Portugal’s health services and local authorities have also been extensively helpful in supporting the embassy.

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