India Backs Probe Into Coronavirus Initiated By Australia And EU

India backs WHO probe into the COVID-19 situation, which will study the cause and origin of the disease. The draft is supported by 60 countries.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently released a draft which calls for an ‘impartial, independent, and comprehensive’ probe into the COVID-19 pandemic. The draft is led by Australia and the European Union (EU), and is backed by around 60 countries across the world, including India. The draft will be discussed virtually at the World Health Assembly Meet today.

The draft demands a thorough investigation into the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire situation will be studied in-depth, also ensuring that there is no repetition of such dangerous incidents in the near future. Neither China nor the US has been a part of sponsoring the draft. This enquiry comes in the wake of anti-Chinese practices being employed in many countries after the Coronavirus spread outwards from Wuhan.

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