In Case You Missed It, Preparations For Paaru’s Engagement Went On In Full-Swing Last Week

Damini tries on more than one occasion to ruin Paaru's day. Does she succeed? Details inside.

Find Out What Happened During Paaru's Engagement Week

The popular show Paaru on Zee Kannada is getting interesting by the minute. From Paaru, who is going to be engaged to Harish, to Aditya, who has fallen head-over-heels for the photo on his logo, the show has taken a good turn. Starring Mokshitha Pai as Paaru and Sharath Bharadhwaj as Aditya, the show has got viewers hooked.

If you too weren’t able to catch the show last week, here’s what you missed:

1. Uma’s actions get Akhila enraged

A Still Of Daamini And Uma
Source: ZEE5

Akhila is furious to find Uma wearing the jewellery she had selected for his older sose.

2. Damini and Uma further anger Akhila 

Akhila's Reaction To Uma
Source: ZEE5

When Uma blames all of it on Parvathi, Akhila gets even more furious.

3. Aditya is mesmerised by the ‘eyes’ on his company’s logo.

Aditya Gawks At The Eyes While Preethu Tries To Find Out What Is Going On
Source: ZEE5

Preethu finds Adi full fida on the eyes that are on his company’s logo. After a small leg-pulling session, Adi decides to find this woman in real life.

4. The family astrologer pays a visit to Akhila’s house…

The Astrologer Pays A Visit
Source: ZEE5

At home, Akhila calls for the family astrologer to check if she can start hunting for a wife for Aditya. The initial news is quite fruitful.

5. However, a problem arises!

The Pooja To Get Rid Of Evil eye
Source: ZEE5

Upon checking with the priest, he says all is okay except one small obstacle in Aditya’s path. He also suggests a pooja to be conducted to get rid of the evil eye. Raghu asks the priest to get Paaru’s horoscope checked too. The priest comes with the same conclusion as Adi.

8. Damini’s evil plan

Akhila Is Surprised To See The Media At The Temple
Source: ZEE5

During the Pooja, Damini is shocked to see the priest making Paaru and Aditya sit for the same pooja together and lures a journalist saying that Akhila is secretly getting her older son married.

9. Akhila cannot believe her eyes

Akhila Gets Furious With Paaru
Source: ZEE5

A furious Akhila screams at Paaru for thinking she was worthy enough of sitting in a pooja with her son.

10. No one can change the inevitable

Aditya Saves Parvathi
Source: ZEE5

Despite everything Paaru and Aditya complete the pooja. The latter also ends up saving the life of the former.

11. Nishchithaartha preparations

Akhila's Gift To Parvathi
Source: ZEE5

Paaru gets ready for her engagement and is soon gifted a house by Akhila.

12. Damini’s insult to Paaru has ghastly repercussions

A Still Of Damini After Akhila Slaps Her
Source: ZEE5

Akhila is irate when she sees Damini brutally insulting Paaru by taking Adi’s name.

12. A shocking call to Paaru

Parvathi Get A Mysterious Call
Source: ZEE5

On the day of her engagement, Damini devises a plan to ruin the event by making an unknown lady call Paaru and threaten her.

What will happen when Paaru comes face-to-face with the unknown lady? To find out continue watching the latest episode of Paaru, streaming for free on ZEE5.