If You Want To Stay Stress-Free Like Amulya Gowda, Follow These 5 Simple Life Lessons

Amulya Gowda, aka Kamali, follows some really good rules in life, and so should you. My favourite is #2.

If You Want To Stay Stressfree Like Amulya Gowda, Follow These 5 Simple Life Lessons

Zee Kannada’s Kamali is about a young girl with a big heart. No matter the hurdles, Kamali fights her way through life by worshipping the truth. In real life too, Amulya Gowda finds ways to keep negativity at bay. Like her, ensure that you always dwell on the positive aspects of your life to move forward.

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If you too are looking for motivation, her five easy rules will keep you going.

1. Focus on a dream

Like Kamali, whose dream is to graduate from a well-known college in Bengaluru and make her family proud, you too must have a dream in life. Focus on it and let it fill you with ultimate joy!

2. Work towards achieving it

Kamali didn’t wait for anyone to offer her a golden plate and give her a college degree. Despite her financial condition, she worked hard and ensured a seat into her dream college through a scholarship. Always remember that if one door closes, another one will come your way. Be patient.

3. Never hurt anyone for your personal gain

Being successful in something has to be on your own merit, not someone else’s. Kamali makes sure never to trouble anyone for any of her problems. Be it learning to speak in English or fixing her cycle which breaks down every now and then.

4. Never support injustice

Whether it is taking place against you or anyone else, injustice shouldn’t be tolerated. Kamali is the perfect example to keep injustice at bay. During the college elections, she boldly protected Shambu from being humiliated after being ragged and later stood up for him as well. Fight for what is right!

5. Remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel

Numerous obstacles have been mercilessly thrown in Kamali’s path, but she has never backed down from a challenge or problem. Learn from her and never give up as it is the hardships that reward you later.

Do you follow these rules of life? Did we miss out on an important rule that you follow? Let us know in the comments below.

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