If You Too Are Newly Married Like Anu, Brace Yourself For These Annoying FAQs

Despite it being the best day of your life, the after-effects, in terms of all your relatives bombarding you with weird questions, are grave.

Madhushree And Yash Iyer Will Give You Romantic Feels Through And Through

Jodi Hakki’s Madhushree Iyer is in smiles since the best day of her life a few months back! Janaki’s onscreen bestie married the real love of her life, Yash Iyer. We all know that marriage is a sacred union of two people. It is even better if your life partner is your best friend, isn’t it? However, as we all know, marriage is easier said than done. It is not only very hectic for both families but also comes with an added responsibility of being the happiest on your big day.

Watch this episode to see how much Janaki loves Rama:

While some relatives are genuinely happy for your happiness, others are only interested in asking a certain set of questions. Let’s see what these frequently asked questions might be… 

1. How soon are you planning to start a family?

It appears that more than the bride and groom themselves, their relatives are more interested to know whether they want a child or not. Come on people, let them breathe into this new life at least! 

2. Hope you didn’t spend too much on your honeymoon. Where was it by the way?

Of course, many relatives are interested in knowing the deets about your honeymoon. But they somehow approach you showing concern about how much you spent when all they want to know is where you went.

3. Are you planning to change your name?

Honestly, in my opinion, this is something that is extremely private for the bride and groom. In fact, even more than family planning. Why? Because it is a big decision, especially for the bride. With changing times, many ladies stand up and decide against changing their name. Another topic for gossip amongst the aunties! 

4. What budget did you plan your wedding?

In all honesty, they are just taking tips for their children’s weddings. Many others are only interested to know the cost of your wedding. Stay away from such people! 

5. How was your first night?

Like really, people? Why don’t you just marry the couple and stay with them for the rest of your life to know this? Since love marriages are considered liberal, it is still an amusing question for the couple. But just imagine for those souls who have just been through an arranged marriage, asking them such a question puts the couple in question in an even more precarious position. 

To all those aunties and uncles who have this habit, please stop it and let that new couple take a moment of respite.

Have any of these questions were you asked on your D-day? If we missed any questions, the suggestions box is awaiting below.

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