If You Have Long Luscious Hair Like Amulya Gowda, It’s Time You Tried These 7 Braids

Dutch braid, French braid, Waterfall braid, here's a fresh perspective on new hairstyles you can try.

Try These Kamali Approved Braids If You Have Long Hair

Zee Kannada’s hit show Kamali has constantly taken the first place, both popularity wise and in winning our hearts. Also, by now each of you might know about Namma Kamali’s gorgeous long hair. While lengthy hair looks good on everybody, maintaining it becomes a major issue. So because of various reasons you probably might just end up tying a bun, to save time and energy.

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Braids are one of the best ways to provide a new look to your face structure. More importantly, there are various styles that can be worn according to different occasions. Here are seven types of braids that would totally suit you if you have long hair like Namma Amulya.

1. Pull through braid

These kinds of braids are fast to make and take fewer efforts to maintain. This would be best suited for those days when you want to achieve your fitness goals.

2. Dutch Braid


HOW TO DUTCH BRAID HAIR TUTORIALYoutube : Pretty Hair is Fun – Girls Hairstyle Tutorials

Beauty Mana यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, ६ नोव्हेंबर, २०१७

A Dutch braid is an inverted version of the French braid. It looks super neat and locks away all the chunks of hair that might fall on your face. You can always tweak these braids however you wish. One example is to make two or three braids instead of one.

3. Mini braid wrapped high bun

A little different from dangling braids, this is a quick and easy hairstyle that you must-try. Ideally, this would be best suited for a wedding or a grand event.

4. Waterfall braid

There could be some days when you don’t feel like tying an entire braid and want some variation in the style. A waterfall braid is perfect in such a case and flows smoothly alongside your hair.

5. French braid

Easy French Braid Tutorial- The Hair Dad

I have a lot of requests for how to do a French Braid. I made one a long time ago when I didn't know what I was doing. It was pretty bad lol. So I just made a new one with some friends the other day while I was teaching a class. There are two things to know about learning how to do a French Braid. 1.) When first starting out, use big sections of hair. It is much easier to do it this way. 2.) Practice, practice, practice. It took me a year before I really got it down. That's because I tried doing it in smaller sections and it was too hard. I gave up for a while. Once I tried using big chunks of hair, and then I practiced it several times, it became easy. I'm not gonna lie, the French Braid was the hardest for me to learn. But if you follow these steps, it shouldn't take you long at all. I really hope this helps!!! Also, give it up for my friend Gordon for filming, and his daughter, the beautiful model AB! Thanks guys!

The Hair Dad यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, २८ ऑगस्ट, २०१७

The classic French braid never goes out of style for people with any length of hair. It is followed worldwide and will suit long hair the best. You could simply tie a ribbon from the point where your hair starts flowing to give it that oomph.

6. Fishtail braid

Known for its name, a fishtail braid has the looks of a fishtail. But as a braid, it looks mesmerising and is by far our most favourite braid.

7. Boho braid

Although this type of braid might seem a little tedious, the results are exceptional. Boho braids are basically a mix of different types of braids combined to create a masterpiece.

If you liked this list and would like to try out these hairstyles, let us know how it went for you. Which braid was your favourite amongst the lot? Write to us in the comments section below.

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