If You Are Secretly Suffering Like Parvathi From Melkote Manja, These Tips Will Help You

People like him will always try to subdue you. Don't let them. Your life is your right, no one should try to take that away from you, for any reason!

Aindrita Ray In A Still From Melkote Manja

Melkote Manja is based on drama, humour and to some extent action as well. Jaggesh stepped in to direct this sequel, whereas he starred in the prequel, Eddelu Manjunatha, in which he played the lead role. An important character in Melkote Manja is Bhairava, played by the talented actor Jeevan. Bhairava is a tyrant, who believes only in violence and forces his decisions on people. He is related to Parvathi (Aindrita Ray) through her father, his uncle.

To know Bhairava’s personality watch the film here:

The way he treats Parvathi in the movie is painful to watch. However, in real life, I am sure many of you might be facing the same situations as Parvathi or know someone like her. Always remember, people like Bhairava like to prey on the weak. And because the weak give in to the pressure, the wicked assume they can do anything.

Without any further ado, here are five things a girl should do if you know someone like Bhairava.

1. Learn about the legal laws in your area

First things first! Start reading up on your legal rights and if possible without drawing any attention. You can do this online or by contacting local authorities. If by chance you don’t find help, go to organisations who work against domestic violence. Nowadays a lot of activists are actively fighting against such crimes.

2. Talk to someone close 

Sometimes keeping things to yourself, is like digging your own grave. It mentally eats you up and you think of taking a drastic decision. DON’T! Your life is as important as the person who is trying to force you and thinks they will get what they want.

3. Awareness is key

Jeevan As Bhairava In Melkote Manja
Jeevan As Bhairava In Melkote Manja

Try to find patterns in their behaviour. Is there physical violence? Is there something that triggers their anger? These kinds of situations are often delicate. So you absolutely must be smart about things like this. Make a record somewhere or observe their behaviour closely.

4. Keep Plan B ready

While some people can adjust and move on, many people can’t. Should there ever be a point that you just can’t handle their injustice, keep a Plan B ready. It could anything like going far away from them or fighting against the violence committed against you.

5. Take action

Jeevan In A Still From The Film
Jeevan In A Still From The Film

When you finally build up the courage to fight back, directly shock them. You can achieve this by dragging them to the court or you can rely on the help you took from your loved ones or any organisations. Your offenders will generally be taken aback when they learn that they are in serious trouble.

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