I Had Absolutely No Plans Of Doing Anything Else: Gattimela’s Rakshit On His Acting Career

In the second part of the EXCLUSIVE interview with Gattimela's Vedanth, Rakshith reveals why becoming an actor was his only goal in life!

A Still Of Rakshith Aka Vedanth Vashishta On Gattimela

Gattimela is the No 1 leading show on Zee Kannada and is increasingly gaining popularity in the state. The story is about the life of the protagonist Amulya Manjunath (played by Nisha Ravikrishnan) and her future beau Vedanth Vashishta (played by Rakshit). Since the beginning of the show, these two have created some excitement among the fans with their magical onscreen moments and exceptional talent.

In the second part of an exclusive interview with Vedanth Vashishta aka Namma Rakshith, the actor reveals how he strikes a balance between his personal and professional life.

Q. If you weren’t an actor, which profession would you have chosen? 
A. There was never any plan-B. And that’s what probably got me really focussed in this field (acting). If you have a plan B, you can chicken out easily from the original. Like saying since this isn’t working,I will try this. When you don’t have a back up that fear will be there about what will happen next. So I think anyone who sets a goal for themselves, should just focus on achieving it.

Q. What is the best compliment you have received for your character of Vedanth in Gattimela?
A. Almost 99 per cent of my fans have given me a positive review for Vedanth’s character. For them, me not touching women was quite funny. They have teased me too by calling out names like ‘Shunti Shankra’ etc. I have never got any negative reviews as such. However, the best compliment that I have received is for the scenes that feature Amulya and me. I really enjoy doing them. I want to give the credit to the writers. They ensure that the show is interesting. The dialogues and everything else is not at all like the stereotypical ones you see.. That is truly the crux of Gattimela.

Q. As a member of the audience, which characters from Gattimela are your favourite?
A. I would love to choose Sudhamma (Sudha Narasimharaju) and Ravi Kumar‘s role, as in, Amulya’s mother and father. I myself come from a middle-class background, so I understand how tough it is for a a family, which has four daughters and is not doing well financially, to fulfill their aspirations. I can totally relate to what the parents are going through. Since both have justified their roles fabulously, that’s what I really like about them.

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Q. You tied the knot few months ago. Is it difficult to balance your personal and professional life?
A. There is a big imbalance, I will be honest. I started working the very next day after I got married. Since then I haven’t been able to take a break for even a day. It was because we had continuous events like the (Gattimela) Jaathre in Raichur, we had rehearsals and then episodes had to be shot. Also after the Raichur Jaathre, we had five days leave but then we had to shoot more episodes. Even today, I was shooting till five in the morning. And almost every day we are shooting till six in the morning. Because of all this, I am not able to spend time with my family at all.

Q. Is your wife upset about it?
A. See even if she says that she doesn’t have a problem, we all know that anyone who would be in her place or this situation would have got upset. Because of the shoot, I couldn’t go anywhere. In fact, we had planned a honeymoon as well to go abroad and were almost about to book the tickets too but I couldn’t make it. She is a teacher in an international school, so their academic years are different as compared to other schools. We had initially planned that for 25 days after the wedding we will go somewhere as I would take leave. But since I wasn’t able to take it, she was a little upset about it. As they say, there’s no other way out right now. Since ‘Work is God’, there isn’t much I can do at the moment.

Q. What is your fitness secret?
A. My fitness secret is all about eating right — less carbs, high protein and good nutritious food with vitamin C. I make sure I work out at least five days a week. I believe that what we eat reflects in our appearance.

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