I’m More Oriented Towards My Career Now: Kamali’s Amulya Gowda On Her Relationship Status

In an EXCLUSIVE Q&A session, Namma Amulya Gowda aka Kamali talks to us about matters of the heart and much more!

A Still Of Amulya Gowda Aka Kamali

The show Kamali is about a young village girl with a big heart. Obstacles mean nothing to her because she never backs down from doing the right thing. In real life too, Kamali aka Amulya Gowda makes sure to keep negativity at bay. The show also stars Niranjan BS aka Rishi Nanda, Rachana Smith aka Anika Mahajan, Ankietha M aka Ningi and Padmavasanthi Ma’am aka Annapoorna Mahajan. Since the beginning of the show, audiences went crazy for her character Kamali and her fan base has only increased since then. We got the chance to conduct a quick exclusive interview with the actress to give you a little more insight into her life.

Previously we had already conducted an Exclusive interview of the actress where she spoke at length about a few aspects of her life. But today, you will read more of a rapid-fire session, where the actress has briefly covered a lot more facts about her.

Without delaying any further, scroll down to know about Kamali’s fav food, her celebrity crush and much more.

Q. Do you find any similarities between your onscreen character Kamali and yourself?
A. Between Kamali and me, it is difficult to find someone like Kamali in real life. But there are a few similarities, like the zeal to achieve something in life, to stay fearless no matter what it may be. These qualities and her boldness included is where Amulya and Kamali’s qualities match.

Q. A tip you would like to give your character Kamali, as a member of the audience?
A. Although Kamali is scaring Kamini, Urmila and Anika, she is still quite hesitant to take action against them. Like how she was a fierce person at the beginning of the show without getting scared of anything, I would tell her to be brave and stand up to their tactics without backing down.

Q. Can you give us your best beauty tip?
A. A lot of people constantly ask me about how my hair is so long and beautiful (chuckles). So what I do is, weekly once, I grate and make a paste of onions and apply it in my roots till the tips of my hair. This enables better hair growth. Similarly, aloe vera too, if applied on the hair makes it really soft.

An Stunning Still Of The Gorgeous Amulya Gowda Aka Kamali
Source: ZEE5

Q. Who is your celebrity crush?
A. I don’t really have a crush, particularly on one person. It’s just that when I watch a movie, I sometimes like the hero because of his romantic scenes or his action scenes. But no one in particular.

Q. Are you single?
A. (Blushes) At the moment I am not seeing anybody, so I am single. Also, I am more oriented towards my career right now.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?
A. In my free time, I generally like to watch movies. If not then I hang out with my friends.

Q. What kind of movies do you like?
A. I mostly watch love stories or family dramas.

Namma Amulya Gowda From Kamali In Indian Wear
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Q. What are your favourite foods?
A. I am a foodie, and love eating. More than North Indian and South Indian cuisines, I eat more of junk food (chuckles).

Q. A message for your fans?
A. Till now, you have shown immense love to our show and accepted us with all faith. Even hereafter, we will take extra care to ensure that your love is with us. All I ask is that you to continue to show your love and support.

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