How Is Rachita Ram Spending Her Time During The Lockdown?

Wondering what Rachita Ram has been up to? Well, here's how she has been spending her time during the lockdown.

A Smiling Still Of Rachita Ram

Seetharama Kalyana actress Rachita Ram, who was filming 10 movies this year, has recently been quite inactive on social media. Dimple Queen Rachita Ram’s fans have all been wondering why she has been off the radar and how is it that she is spending her time during the lockdown. Well, Suvarna News has the answers to all your questions! 

While the Sandalwood industry is experiencing an exorbitant amount of losses, the actors just cannot wait to get back to work. Life has come to a standstill for these workaholics, and their fans, too, cannot wait to see them on the big screens again.

Having said that, Rachita Ram has decided to go off social media and spend quality time with her parents as she realises that she might not get so much time again. She has also been watching some good cinema and catching up on great movies!

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