Here’s What Gattimela’s Vedanth Must Do Regarding His Feelings For Amulya

Vedanth has feelings for Amulya but does not accept it. Here's what he must do.

Amulya and Vedanth spend quality time together

We’re all aware of the budding romance between Amulya and Vedanth of Gattimela. However, for those following the show, we’re sure that you too are anticipating the moment when Vedanth understands that Amulya and him are not just friends and that he is madly in love with her. While Amulya has already realised her feelings for him, Vedanth is not even close to perceiving his love for her. Well, the two have been through a series of obstacles and knowingly or unknowingly, they have supported and protected each other through all those problems.

We think it is high time that Vedanth accepts his love for Amulya. While he is aware of how she makes him feel, he refuses to accept that this feeling is of love. Whether it is taking care of her when she falls sick or protecting her from rowdies or even having a good conversation with her during the picnic, Vedanth experiences a sort of comfort when he is with Amulya. Sarthak and Vikranth also explain all the symptoms of love which he can only relate to, with Amulya. In this case, he must understand that marrying Sahithya will not only ruin her life as he does not love her but also leave him in misery if he does the same.

Amulya and Vedanth spend quality time together
Amulya and Vedanth spend quality time together

Vedanth is always bombarded with thoughts of Amulya and moments with her. When she is not around, he is perpetually concerned with her. Even when her father is sick at the hospital, Vedanth shows immense concern for her. While the right thing to do would be to confess his feelings for Amulya even if he cannot term it as love, he must tell her how he truly feels for her. Amulya, on the other hand, must tell Vedanth that she is in love with him, without thinking about the consequences.

What do you think should be the next step taken by Vedanth?

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