Here’s What Preethu Must Do To Marry Janani, The Love Of His Life, In Paaru

Preethu of Paaru is not fighting to his maximum potential for Janani. Here's what he should do.

Preethu and Janani have a romantic moment

In Zee Kannada’s Paaru, while Paaru and Adi have decided to support Preethu in marrying Janani, there’s more that Preethu must do to win Parmeshwara’s heart. When Preethu tells Akhila about Janani, she tells him that the marriage will only happen if her side of the family agrees to it too. Having said that, Paaru, Adi and Preethu disguise as villagers and begin to stay with Parmeshwara. However, it is discovered that Akhila and Raghu are related to Parmeshwara which makes it all the more complex for Preethu to get married to Janani.

Speaking of which, there is no doubt that Preethu is genuinely in love with Janani. However, he doesn’t seem to give it his all to make this marriage happen. His lack of belief in himself and the very fact that they can be together is what stops him from going the extra mile for Janani. While Paaru and Adi are constantly working and impressing Parmeshwara, Preethu spends all day worrying about what is going to happen next. Instead, he must work towards making things happen for his and Janani’s happiness.

Adi and Paaru are always consoling Preethu to stop worrying about the future and play an active role in the work that is being done at home. This will also help Parmeshwara notice him. While Adi and Paaru look after the household chores, Preethu tries spending time with Janani which has also proved risky for both of them.

Janani and Preethu spend time together
Janani and Preethu spend time together

At this moment, Parmeshwara has already started looking for suitable partners for Janani. This is the time when Preethu must step forward and prove himself and his love for Janani. He must work hard and work towards gaining Parmeshwara’s trust and his fate in him so that he feels sure of getting his only daughter married to him.

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