Here’s A Sweet Message From Gattimela’s Amulya Manjunath-Vedanth Vashishta Just FOR YOU!

In this special clip, Gattimela's Vedanth and Amulya have some good news and a special message for their fans

A Smiling Candid Pose From Vedanth And Amulya

The super-famous Zee Kannada show Gattimela has reached the top spot in the state within six months. The story revolves around two characters who are as different as chalk and cheese! On one hand, we have Vedanth Vashishta, a rich and successful albeit handsome young man, who cannot stand the sight of women. On the other hand, we have Amulya Manjunath, a girl with a heart of gold who hails from a lower-middle-class family.

These two meet under peculiar circumstances and notice that somehow they are always in each other’s way. That was six months ago, now the situation has slightly changed. Vedanth can just about tolerate Amulya, who is currently an admin official in his company. Not only this, in the process of bringing their siblings Vicky and Aarthi together (as they are deeply in love) god only knows what all Vedanth and Amulya have had to go through.

Their awkward love moments leave die-hard fans of the show wanting for more. Now, the lead actors of the serials, Nisha Ravikrishnan (Amulya) and Rakshit (Vedanth) have some special news and message for viewers. While we aren’t surprised, take a look at what they have to say here.

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