Here Is A List Of What Will And Will Not Stay Open In The Revised Lockdown 4.0 Plan

Here are some of the restrictions that have taken place as a result of the new lockdown 4.0 effective till May 31.

Domestic and international air travel, except for domestic medical services and air ambulance will remain prohibited throughout the country.

Here is a list of what all will and will not be open:

  • All theatres and cinema halls, malls, swimming pools, gyms, parks and bars, and auditoriums shall remain closed throughout the country till May 31.
  • Metro services will not function until May 31.
  • Assemblies and other get-togethers will remain shut. Hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality services except for housing health, government officials, healthcare workers, and stranded persons including tourists and for quarantine facilities, will be prohibited.
  • All social, political, entertainment, and academic gatherings will be restricted. Any sort of cultural or religious functions and other gatherings or large congregations will not be allowed.
  • For those who must work from  office, staggering of work business hours shall be followed in offices, shops, markets, and industrial and commercial establishments.
  • Salons, too, shall be open in all zones except containment zones.

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