Helpless Migrant Labourers Struggle To Reach Their Homes Amid Nationwide Lockdown

The Coronavirus lockdown has badly affected the labour class of the nation. Many poor and helpless labourers are walking miles just to reach home.


Amid the ongoing global pandemic, the labourers and the daily wage workers are the ones who have been affected the most. In India, a huge number of migrant labourers walked miles to reach their homes, some of them even losing their lives to starvation and sunstroke midway. The lockdown has adversely affected the labour forces in India. The hungry and helpless labourers are struggling to get proper meals and shelter in the city.

The government has recently made provisions like arranging trains and buses for the workers to reach their homes. But still many of them are stranded on the roads, hungry, thirsty, and unsheltered. Some of them have even paid a huge sum of money for arranging transportation of their own. Will the government put more emphasis on this issue? Will the poor labourers be able to reach their home safely? Keep watching this space to know.

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