Health Special: 4 Unique Health-Friendly Drinks On Oggarane Dabbi That You Should 100% Try

Did you know that there is a drink called Raagi Ambali which helps increase your strength and immunity? Learn about more of such beverages here!

1. Raagi Ambali (Millet Porridge)

Raagi Ambali
Source: ZEE5

Oggarane Dabbi is a brilliant show for anyone who loves cooking with extremely simple ingredients. With a huge fan following, Host Murali would invite a guest; either a homemaker or someone who has a passion for cooking, to demonstrate some of their favourite but simple recipes. With each episode being divided into five segments — Murali would then sit down and try out each and every dish. The best perk was small goodies on behalf of the show. Since cooking is an evergreen activity, retracing some classic recipes is good for everyone.

So today, we will learn some recipes from a common guest on the show, Balakrishna Guruji, who gave some extremely healthy beverages that have zero per cent fat content in them (it means all dishes without butter, ghee, oil etc). Let’s look at the first recipe, Raagi Ambali, which is nothing but a drinkable millet porridge.

The ingredients to make this dish are millet flour, freshly-made paste of some green chillies, buttermilk made out of coconut milk and salt, to taste.


In a mixing bowl, add the millet flour, a little salt depending on your taste, add some of ground green chillies. Lastly, add the buttermilk prepared from the coconut milk and give it all a good mix. If you want to know how to make the millet flour and buttermilk (made of coconut milk), watch the full episode above. 

2. Nerale Hannina Sharabath (Jamoon Fruit Juice)

Nerale Hannina Sharabath
Source: ZEE5

To make this Jamoon juice, you will need a bowlful of the jamoon fruit, black salt, pepper powder, fresh lime juice and salt to taste.


Boil the jamoon in a pot, on medium to low flame for approximately 2-3 minutes. Bring the water and the jamoon in it to room temperature. Once cooled, mash the jamoon in the water and remove all the seeds (do not throw the water). After taking out the seeds, add the contents to a mixer-grinder to make any pulp pieces form a smooth juice consistency. Then add a little black salt, pepper powder, salt and the fresh lime juice and grind one more time. Now, sieve the whole mixture into a glass, to remove any extra pulp, add cold water and serve chilled! Take a look at the rest of the recipes from the episode here!

3. Hasi Mavinakayi Juice (Raw Mango Juice)

Hasi Mavinakayi Juice
Source: ZEE5

To make this healthy Raw Mango Juice, the ingredients required are peeled raw mangoes (then grated), pudina leaves, chopped green chillies, jeera, ice cubes, black salt and salt.


In a mixer grinder, add the grated raw mango, one green chilli, some jeera, a handful of pudina leaves, black salt and salt, to taste. Lastly, add some water and give it all a good grind. Once done, thoroughly sieve the mixture (using extra water if needed) into a tall glass. Finally, add the ice cubes and serve chilled! To see the whole procedure, and the rest of the recipes on this episode, click here.

4. Strawberry-Anjoora Juice (Strawberry-Fig Juice)

Strawberry Anjoora Juice
Source: ZEE5

To prepare this unique beverage, you’ll need strawberries, figs, fresh lemon juice, black salt, cinnamon powder and salt.


Add the figs, strawberries, some black salt, a pinch of cinnamon powder, a little salt and cold water to a mixer-grinder and grind to a juice-like consistency. After a couple of rounds, add some lemon juice to the mix and grind again. Without sieving, add the mixture to a glass and of course, serve chilled! For the rest of the recipes in this episode, click here.

Which was the tastiest beverage in these, according to you? Write in your answers in the comments box given below.

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