Have Joined NCC Recently Like Namma Kamali And Her Class? These Camping Hacks Will Help

When camping, try these simple but extremely helpful tips for a better experience. Hacks #2 and #9 took me by complete surprise.

1. Freeze candles for longevity

Let There Be Light
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The most popular show on Zee Kannada till date has been Kamali and rightfully so. A woman-centric show, Kamali looks at the life of a halli-hudugi, who comes to the big city of Bengaluru to complete her studies. If you follow the show regularly, you must remember the time when Kamali and her classmates went for the NCC camp.

Similarly, if you too are planning to go camping anytime soon, here are nine irresistible hacks you have to try.

2. Crayons will save your life in darkness

Crayons Or Make-Shift Candles; You Decide
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Open your craft drawer and carry a pack of any old crayons. They will work like a charm!

3. Pack some delicious dates and fight off parasites

Have You Tried Dates Yet?
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Known to help with hypertension, cholesterol, heart attack and stroke, this superfood is rich in nutrients that boost metabolism and acts as a great source of Iron. Pack some for your camping trip and you will stay healthy and parasite-free.

4. A mini first-aid kit is an absolute must

Carry Your Very Own Mini First-Aid Kit
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There is a sayingPrevention is better than cure, so sorry one small medicine kit with all the essential medications required to suit the place you are travelling to.

5. DIY Hack - Best flea repellent ever

DIY Flea Repellent
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This is not only applicable to forests but will also work as a piece of cake at the comforts of your home if you have problems with those pesky fleas!!

6. An SOS whistle to keep danger at bay

An Emergency Whistle For Your Safety
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While NCC camps can be fun, it is important to keep your safety in check. This is mainly because you are going to explore a forested area and you might be exposed to certain things that you don’t find in your daily routine (wild insects, diseases in the air, poisonous plants and berries etc).

7. Be fire-ready

Matchbox To Source Light
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A lighter or matchbox will help you after hours in the forest regions because it not only repels animals but will also keep you warm at night. Remember, a fire helps in many things so carry something that can start a fire.

8. Insect-repellent should be your best friend

A Good Insect Repellent For Those Of You Who Attract Insects
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After thoroughly researching, make sure to buy yourself a good and long-lasting medicated insect repellent. These come in either cream or spray form so take your pick.

9. For antiseptic issues, use Listerine

Listerine - The Best Antiseptic Ever
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One last tip from me to you is that you must thoroughly research the place you are going to, just to keep yourself informed about possible dangers that might be lurking there.

Have you ever gone for an NCC camp? Share with us your experience in the space given below.

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