Gattimela Recap: Aarthi And Vicky’s Love Story Remains Strained Even Before It Has Begun

Amulya and Vedanth continue to annoy each other as the former gets a job in the latter's company. Will these two couples ever sort their differences?

I Certainly Want Aarthi And Vicky To Be A Couple. Don't You

Week after week, Gattimela is gaining popularity amongst the fans because of the cast as well as the story. Starring Nisha Ravikrishnan as Amulya Manjunath and Rakshit as Vedanta Vashishta, the show has more than one love story to offer.

One is the lead couple, who we know, at some point of time will get romantically involved. But what about Amulya’s older sister Aarthi. Despite knowing that Vicky is younger than her, both had no control over their hearts and are madly in love with each other. However, no one except them and Sarika knows about this. Mainly because of what society thinks. Let’s now recap the last three days for you.

1. No place to hide when you have such loving sisters

A Still Of Aarthi And Her Sisters
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After Aarthi locks herself in the room, her sisters convinced her to open the door. Following this, they somehow cheer her up not knowing what is troubling her.

2. When Aarthi says she doesn’t want this marriage

Parimala's Reaction When Aarthi Rejects The Marriage
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A while later when Aarthi informs everyone that she doesn’t want this marriage, Parimala loses control and raises her hand on Aarthi. Thanks to Manjunath, she soon comes back to her senses.

3. Sarika reveals the name of the person she loves, to her family

Sarika Tells Her Parents About Vicky
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Elsewhere, Sarika happily informs her family including Aadya, about her feelings for Vicky and that she is madly in love with him. Also, she gets support from her dad about marrying him.

4. Suhasini gets worried about Vikranth

A Still Of Suhasini Worried About Vicky
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In Vedanth’s house, he catches his mom Suhasini worried about something and proves further. It turns out that she hasn’t ever seen Vicky in this condition so she admits to him that she is troubled. Vedanta then promises her that he will get Vicky whatever he wants if that means she’ll be happy.

5. Amulya cheers her mother after a lot of efforts

Amulya Consoles Parimala Temporarily
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Amulya is relentless in changing her mother’s mood and does all her best to cheer Parimala up. Finally, her efforts pay off and Parimala is all happy again.

6. An unexpected guest interrogates Vikranth

A Still Of Vedanth Interrogating Vikranth
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Vikranth, who is in no mood for any visitors is cornered by Vedanth, who interrogates his younger brother about what is troubling him. Unfortunately for Vedanth, the conversation doesn’t go as expected.

7. Vicky doesn’t give up on his love

Vicky Is Persistent To Talk To Aarthi
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Soon afterwards, Vicky calls up Aarthi’s home to inform her about how he feels. Here too, Parimala snatches the phone for Aarthi just as she is about to say something. After hearing Parimala’s voice, Vicky finally disconnects the call.

8. Parimala starts adding pressure on Aarthi

Because Of Parimala's Pressure Aarthi Finally Gives Up
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When Manjunath returns from work, Parimala forces him to question Aarthi about her decision again. Things soon turn sour when Parimala starts cursing her oldest daughter. Because of this pressure, Aarthi finally accepts defeats and Parimala is victorious again.

9. A shocker for Vedanth’s secretary

A Shocked Expression Of Vedanth's Secretary Who Sees Amulya In His Cabin
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Elsewhere, Vedanth’s secretary is shocked to see Amulya in his boss’s cabin and immediately shoos her out.

10. The final showdown

A Still Of Sarthak, Vedanth And Amulya
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The truth, however, doesn’t hide for long after that because just as Amulya is about to sign on her offer letter in Sarthak’s company, Vedanth snatches away the sheet from her.

Will Amulya get the job? Will Aarthi and Vicky ever be together again?

To find out, don’t miss any episodes of Gattimela, streaming for free on ZEE5.