Gattimela 9 August 2019 Episode Written Update: Suhasini’s Condition For Vicky’s Marriage

On tonight's episode, Aarthi informs Vicky of a new problem and the latter goes to Amulya for help. Will Suhasini's next condition ruin everything?

A Still Of Suhasini

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Kantha is shocked when Vedanth tells him that Amulya has gone forever, so he assumes the worst. Elsewhere, Suhasini explains to Sarika, why she had to accept Vicky and Aarthi’s relationship. However, Sarika is pleased when Suhasini promises her that Vicky will get married to her only! At Vedanth’s office, Amulya creates a big ruckus about Vedanth claiming that was no more and rejects his offer for her to quit. He gets furious and their argument ends in a stalemate. Later, Vicky joins work.

On tonight’s episode, Amulya gets irritated when Vedanth taunts her along with Kantha in front of Vikranth. Soon, Vedanth allots a mini-conference room for Vicky as his cabin isn’t set up. In the mini-conference room, Vicky tells himself that even though it is not his cabin, it is a good place to speak to his one and only. Much to his surprise, Aarthi calls him just then. Vicky soon realises that she is crying and probes into the matter. When she tells him about her parents getting worried that no one from the Vashishta family has come yet to talk about the marriage, he assures her that he will fix the problem.

A Smiling Still Of Aarthi
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Somehow, he brings a smile to her face and asks her to be more cheerful henceforth. Ammu, who is having a cup of coffee is later found by Vicky to tells her about a big problem at hand. Upon learning that Suhasini has put another condition that she wants both Vedanth and Vicky to marry on the same day, Amulya stands shell-shocked. Vicky pleads to Amulya to do something or talk to Vedanth about it and she promises to do so. However, when she approaches Vedanth about Suhasini’s condition he gets angry and doesn’t let her finish. At night, the whole Manjunath family enjoys some fun time as Aarthi prepares dinner.

A Still Of The Manjunath Family
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Further, Pari and Aarthi tease Manjunath by asking him to pick his favourite cook. Ammu later asks if everyone would like to go to the temple tomorrow for the Nagarapanchami Pooje and they all agree. But when Manjunath asks her if she will get leave, everyone shares a joke silently and laugh at Ammu. At the Vashishta house, Sridhar and Suhasini are delighted to have Sarthak and Aadya join them. When Vicky gives her the green signal, Aadya top proposes that they can go to the temple since it is such an auspicious occasion. Suhasini, who has no idea of the plan her children are making delightfully agrees. Back at home, Aarthi’s sisters are shocked to see a rebel side of her.

What happened to Aarthi? How will Suhasini react Aadya and Vicky’s plan? Stay tuned to find out in the next episode.

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