Gattimela 7 May 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Vikranth Learns About His Wedding

Amulya feels that she is betraying her father when she learns about his loan-situation! However, Adithi makes her realise that it is for the better!

Amulya Was Shocked To Overhear Her Father Beg From Someone

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya and Vedanth make the decision to talk to their respective parents about Aarthi and Vicky. When Amulya watches her parents hurry with Aarthi’s wedding, she decides to do something about it. At night, Amulya is relieved when Adithi comes up with an unusually apt solution. The next day, when Amulya tells Vedanth about this, he is impressed and agrees. In the end, Amulya and Adithi go to buy a saree for Aarthi’s secret wedding but are shocked to see Manjunath in the same store!

On tonight’s episode, a worried Amulya eavesdrops on her father’s conversation and overhears him pleading with the saree-shop owner for something. When she listens closely she is shocked to learn that Manjunath’s loan was actually not sanctioned and he lied so he could keep his family out of stress. When she spots her father pleading to the shop keeper, Amulya gets deeply saddened. Elsewhere, Vikranth gets to cleaning his entire room and just sits down to take a moment when Vedanth enters his room, surprised. Soon, praises come out of Vedanth’s mouth and they get talking. Vicky then asks him about why he came and gets a piece of brilliant news from his brother.

A Still Of Rakshit As Vedanth In Gattimela
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However, when Vicky realises that his wedding is going to be in secret, he gets worried about two things. One, that Aarthi will never agree to such a kind of wedding and the other one being that if he were to bring her home after the wedding tomorrow, how will everyone react? Vedanth then makes his brother realise the dire situation at hand and how if they were to tell Suhasini the truth, it might ruin everything. Saddened, Vicky somehow agrees to his brother’s decision. Meanwhile, Amulya and Adithi barge into their room without realising Anjali has seen their shopping bag. As expected when she starts probing into their whereabouts they send her away with an excuse.

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When Adithi asks about what happened at the shop, Amulya confesses what she saw and how Manjunath’s loan wasn’t approved. To this, Adithi gives an excellent reason as to why Amulya shouldn’t worry and makes her elder sister smile. The next day, Aarthi wonders why Amulya is dressing her up so much for her friend’s wedding. Thanks to Adithi, the situation is soon handled and Aarthi’s doubts are cleared. Just then Parimala arrives there and praises her eldest daughter about how pretty she is looking. She then asks the girls to hurry up or they’ll get late to the wedding. Elsewhere, Vicky is hilariously rejoicing over his wedding when Vedanth lands up there and throws a taunt at him. When the former asks his brother to wear wedding clothes, Vedanth refuses.

A Still Of Amulya Dressing Up Her Sister As A Bride
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A little while later, as Amulya and her sisters are walking it to the location, they see Manjunath walking towards them. Although initially, he lets them be on their way, Manjunath decides to take Aarthi back home with him. Adithi and Amulya are shocked at these turn of events and think quick to their feet. Manjunath buys into their story but asks them to take public transport instead of walking. All this while Amulya feels sad for her father for betraying him but has no choice but to do what’s best for her sister. When they arrive at the temple, Aarthi stars asking questions again. They somehow take her inside. In the end, upon seeing no one gathered for the wedding Aarthi gets impatient and probes into the matter.

Will Adithi and Amulya tell her the truth? What will Aarthi do when she finds out? Stay tuned to know more.

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