Gattimela 4 November 2019 Preview: Vicky-Aarthi Find Ammu-Vedanth Lost In Each Other

In the next episode, Vicky takes Aarthi to the parking and they both are stunned by what they see. Ammu and Vedanth don't even notice their presence!

When Aarthi And Vicky Find Amulya And Vedanth, Hand-In-Hand, Lost In Each Other's Eyes

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Amulya awkwardly thanks Vedanth when Adithi puts her hand in his. While Suhasini plans to convince Vedanth about Sarika via emotional blackmail, Vicky requests for a group photo. Soon, Pari and Manjunath find out about the engagement and are furious at first but Aarthi courageously tells them everything and then apologises causing them to forgive her. While Sarika is furious at the news of the engagement, Ammu later holds Vedanth’s hand and tells him that she won’t disgust at his touch anymore.

On Monday’s episode, as Aarthi stands puzzled looking at Ammu and Vedanth, who are holding each other’s hand and are completely unaware of anything else, Vicky narrates how they are the hero and heroine who are lost in each other’s eyes. Aarthi who isn’t ready to believe that Ammu and Vedanth have no idea they are there agrees when Vicky says that they wouldn’t have been lost in each other’s eyes if they knew someone else was standing there.

When Aarthi And Vicky Find Amulya And Vedanth, Hand-In-Hand, Lost In Each Other's Eyes
Source: ZEE5

Then, he shows Aarthi how it is done and snaps Vedanth and Amulya our of their bubble. In the end, Vedanth and Amulya look at their siblings and at each other, awkwardly.

How are they both going to explain this? Will Vedanth and Ammu confess their feelings? We’ll find out next week, stay tuned.

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